Dealers Auto Auction of Little Rock, LLC

4600 S University Ave
Little Rock, AR  72204


>>>RUN LIST LINKs - DAA Little Rock<<<

Sale Day Every Thursday - Kick-Off 8:30AM CST

Monday: 9AM - 5PM

Tuesday: 9AM - 5PM

Wednesday: 9AM - 5PM

Thursday: 6:45AM - 5PM

Friday : 9AM - 12PM


Arbitration Eligibility:

Must be on a white or green light

Bid must be at least $5050.00, Landers vehicles must be $7550.00

Must be under 180,000 miles or less

All Arbitration request must be made in person by 2:30 PM on Sale Day

Cannot fail for any announcements

 Diesel Motors are AS IS

If unit has been paid for and/or gated out, it cannot be arbitrated

If vehicle can be repaired for $800 or less vehicle will pass inspection

All Passed Arbitrations- $75.00

Title Arbitration is after 45 days then 7 days for Seller to produce.

No arbitration on Canadian or out of providence

No Hail Damage Guarantee During Inclement Weather


For all PSI/arbitration request: 501.690.2766