Dealers Auto Auction of Little Rock, LLC

4600 S University Ave
Little Rock, AR  72204


Upcoming Events

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Sale Day Every Thursday - Kick-Off 8:30AM CST

Monday: 9AM - 5PM

Tuesday: 9AM - 5PM

Wednesday: 9AM - 5PM

Thursday: 6:45AM - 5PM

Friday : 9AM - 12PM


Arbitration Eligibility:


Must be on a white or green light.

Bid must be at least $3000.00;

Landers vehicles must be $7550.00, McLarty Group vehicles must be $5000.00

Must be 10 years old or less with less than 150,000 miles. 

All Arbitration/PSI requests must be made by 2:30 PM on the day of the sale.


Cannot fail for any announcements

 Diesel Motors are AS IS

No arbitration on previous Canadian or out of providence.

If unit has been paid for and/or gated out, it cannot be arbitrated

If vehicle can be repaired for $800 or less vehicle will pass inspection


Title Arbitration is after 45 days, then 7 days for seller to produce the title.


No Hail Damage Guarantee During Inclement Weather

ALL Red light units are AS IS. 


For all PSI/Arbitration request: 501.690.2766