NIADA Names New President, David Andrews


NIADA president David Andrews of Tennessee delivers inaugural address during the National Leadership Awards Banquet at the NIADA Convention and Expo. Photo courtesy of NIADA.


New National Independent Automobile Dealers Association president David Andrews received the President's Ring during the National Leadership Awards Banquet at NIADA's 71st annual Convention and Expo at The Mirage in Las Vegas last week.

The owner of City Auto in Memphis, Tenn., and other automotive enterprises succeeds 2016-17 president Billy Threadgill of South Carolina.

Andrews began his term as president with an address he delivered at the banquet.

"Are times changing? Definitely. We are all pioneers, we are all trailblazers and we are all visionaries. These are times ripe with opportunities, times for making the seemingly impossible possible,” Andrews said, according to a news release. "There are millions of low-mileage late-model cars hitting the used car market, and the availability of credit has never been better. Now is the best time ever to be a used-car dealer."

Andrews started working at his father's dealership as a teenager,,and at age 20, went into business for himself.

Now 65 years old, Andrews currently owns four retail dealerships, five wholesale auctions located throughout Tennessee and Alabama, a management company, a floorplan company and a finance company.

Previously, Andrews has served on the NIADA executive committee as a regional vice president, senior vice president and president-elect, and is a past president of the Tennessee IADA.